Do Klaus And Caroline End Up Together In Vampire Diaries The Originals?

Before Elijah was bitten by Marcel, fans will recall that he and Hayley finally got together. And Haylijah fans will be happy to hear that five years apart hasn’t changed their feelings. Stefan Salvatore found love with Caroline Forbes in the later seasons of The Vampire Diaries. Although the show initially centered around his relationship with Elena Gilbert, it gradually moves away from the love triangle premise after Elena falls in love with Damon. At the 1920s Decade Dance, Bonnie asks Jamie to be her date while Elena asks Stefan. The vampires realise that they are trapped inside the high school, while Esther forces Elena to take part in a ritual which will turn Alaric into an Original vampire.

So, even though Klaus and Caroline did not end up together, their children will be in each other’s orbits. And, the girls will have something to bond over given their parents’ complicated relationship. That the episode will deal with some of the main character’s parents is introduced early as Hope remembers an incident from the previous day when she overhears other students discussing her father, Klaus, in the library. They laugh as they gossip about Klaus’ murderous tendencies, and in response, Hope magically shorts out the lights and blows books off the shelves as she stalks out of the library. Of course, part of the reason for the magical mayhem is that she and Landon are on the outs after the revelation from the previous episode that Landon has lost his phoenix powers and is now mortal.

Who ends up together in Vampire Diaries?

After discussing more about Hope, Caroline gets mad that Klaus is using his father and his abuse as an excuse to be a bad father to Hope. She tells him he will lose her if he doesn’t reach out to her, and adds that he is a person worth knowing. However, when Hayley goes missing Hope answers the phone when Klaus calls.

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Caroline discovers that he has drawn a portrait of her with a horse, and thanked her for being so honest with him. While looking at the drawing that Klaus drew for her, she has this confused and touched look on her face. He comments that he loves birthdays, and Caroline rebuffs his comment, rhetorically asking him if he was a billion years old or so. He tells her that she’d have to adjust her perception of time due to the fact that she is now a vampire, and to celebrate that she is no longer bound by trivial human conventions. He explains to her that with her immortality as a vampire she is free, but Caroline disagrees, stating that she is dying instead. Above, Klaus and Caroline are pictured in ‘The Originals’ Season 5 episode, “The Tale of Two Wolves,” which aired July 25 on The CW. The two could have had a future if Klaus had survived in the series finale.

Tyler’s mother calls her counterpart in the Caroline abduction Bill to let her go, but he won’t. Chris Wood played Malakai “Kai” Parker in the sixth and eighth seasons of “The Vampire Diaries,” and later appeared in two episodes of “Legacies.” After “TVD,” he joined the cast of “Supergirl” as Mon-El, and in 2017, E! News reported he’d been spotted out and about with series lead Melissa Benoist. After two years of dating, the couple tied the knot in an outdoor ceremony at a “private estate” in Ojai, as reported byE! Holt clearly shares Rebekah’s maternal side as the proud mother of two children whom she shares with her husband Andrew Joblon.

In Bring It On, Niklaus Mikaelson and Hayley Marshall slept together and conceived a child. Hayley’s child In The Originals, the witch Sophie Deveraux revealed that Hayley was, in fact, pregnant with Klaus’ child. Klaus was certainly not Caroline’s husband, but they’ve always shared an important delete Meetville connection, and it’s clear that Caroline still harbors feelings for the original vampire. She may have only kissed him because of the sacrifice he was making, but things were still looking better than they ever had before. Eventually Alaric fell in love with Caroline and proposed to her.

Klaus wanted to show her the world and believes that one day, she’ll let him do so. He also stated that he intends to be her last love, no matter how long it takes, and moved to New Orleans to settle down with his soon-to-be-born daughter and his surviving siblings. Caroline, finally accepting that they have a connection, admitted as much to Klaus, which led them to have sex for the first and only time.

Amused, Klaus concludes that Caroline has been skipping her geometry classes. He argues that there are two possible locations for the massacre, as he completes a second triangle on the other side of the first triangle’s base. In her defense, Caroline points out that Klaus didn’t give her a chance to finish.

The couple love sharing snaps of all their fun outings and adventures, which range from skateboarding to curling. White also posted pictures of the pair celebrating Dobrev’s birthday, joking, “Too bad we never have any fun together.” In May 2021, Somerhalder revealed how grateful he is to his wife because she “devoted her life” to getting him out of eight-figure debt after a bad business venture. “This woman here decided that she didn’t want to see her husband ruin his body/mind/spirit,” the “Lost” actor wrote onInstagram. “You are a superwoman. You made it possible for me to live, build my dreams, and to start my life over,” added the actor. The couple seem to have put their troubles behind them and are now focused on raising daughter Bodhi Soleil who was born in 2017, E!

Stefan explains that Silas wants to die to be reunited with his true love, but because he’s supernatural if he dies he will be stuck on the supernatural other side. However, if Silas destroys the other side altogether, he can take the cure, die, and pass on, but that means the dead supernatural on the other side will be returned to this side. Caroline underscores this by pointing out that every werewolf, witch, and vampire – including the many that Klaus has killed – will return, wondering if Klaus cares yet. From Bonnie, Stefan has learned that Silas needs three massacres to do the spell, noting that two have already been completed (i.e. the Young farm explosion, and Klaus’ hybrid slaughter).

Just as passionate and dangerous as Stelena or Delena, Benzo provided each character with a partner who wasn’t afraid to stand up to one another. Much to the disappointment of many viewers, Enzo was killed off during the final season when Stefan, on a ripper-esque bender, kills him to get to Bonnie. While the finally shows Enzo following Bonnie through life from the other side, it remained another heartbreaking loss for her, given that throughout the show, she’d lost family and friends at the hands of vampires. Bonnie and Enzo emulated the epic love that Bonnie had watched her best friends encounter, finally getting to experience it for herself for a brief moment in the show’s final seasons.

Klaus asks Caroline why Hope escaped, and she tells him that some girls like the bad boys. Klaus amusingly saying that some of those boys had pure intentions. Then Caroline gets a text, and tells Klaus that while her tracking class failed; however, she has their location from “Find My iPhone”.