How To Get A Shy Guy To Chase You: 10 Ways To Get Him Interested

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It’s okay if he doesn’t want to meet you when you offer. He’s not ignoring you, he’s just taking his time to get more comfortable with you. Even knowing if girls like shy guys or not is a honesty, a good laugh. Every woman is different, no man can reasonably expect every single one he meets to love him. Only a fool lets the emotion of his ego get the best of him. Being too anxious to start a conversation and waiting around all night ends up turning a lot of shy guys into something even worse, a stalker.

He may also mumble around you, while talking normally around other people. If you text or message hime online, take notice if he sends you a lot of emojis. To return the feeling, send him some smiley emojis back, which may give him the confidence to ask you out. Online date is a great tool for introverts and shy guys. You have probably avoided it because it feels impersonal and you may believe that it takes the romance out of meeting someone, but online dating has a lot of benefits. For one thing, you do not actually have to go outside to meet someone new, a fact which makes introverts glad.

While you probably want to spend lots of time with your shy guy, allowing him to have some extra “me time” will help your relationship. Your shy guy isn’t going to open up to you overnight, so don’t get frustrated if progress seems slow. And while you’re there, ask him questions about the steps he’s taking to make the repair — this will get him talking more. Just a caveat, though, not all guys know how to fix things.

At first, ask him general questions to know his views and opinions about specific topics. And once you both get comfortable, move on to questions related to his personal life. When you have a date planned with a shy guy, it’s possible he’s sitting at home worrying about all the things that might go wrong. This could make him even more reserved during the night. Take initiative and try to prevent this before it even begins.

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Do not expect him to spend all his free time with you. Shy guys in relationships are just like any other person. Even when you are just hanging out at each other’s place, let him do his own thing. He needs space; this is something you have to understand if you are dating a shy guy. Do not be on his case if he doesn’t respond to your text immediately.

However, if your shy person is like mine, then he may take time to write a good response to you. Don’t immediately decide that he thinks you’re Jabba The Hutt if he doesn’t respond quickly. You might say, “Hey, how’s it going?” This innocuous greeting is met with deer-in-headlight eyes, slight honking sounds, and a bit of a stammer. Dating as a single professional isn’t easy – especially right now, while we’re all stuck at home.

I’m talking no game playing, just a good and honest connection based on getting to know each other. The best part about being in a relationship with someone who is a lot more shy than you is that you will watch each other grow. You will often step out of your comfort zone for the both of you, meaning that you are naturally going to improve yourself and your confidence socially. This isn’t something to take advantage of, and is one thousand percent something to cherish and appreciate in him. It can be extremely difficult to put your complete trust into somebody, so when you do, vocalize it and don’t take it for granted.

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And it’s all down to knowing how to trigger these innate drivers that motivate him to love, commit, and protect. He’ll appreciate that a lot and begin to see that you’re not expecting anything else from him other than to be himself. When he knows he can open up to you and trust you, that will build a lot of intimacy and closeness in your relationship. They can read you in on his past, his pet peeves and the way that he processes experiences.

The shy guy you know may only be a friend but you want him to be more than a friend. Shy guys are great listeners, so if you believe he’s not responding because he’s not paying attention, you’re likely incorrect. Do not feel disappointed when he suggests watching a movie at his house with some pizza instead of taking you for a romantic date in a fancy uptown restaurant. In reality, he may feel overwhelmed in crowded spaces and may prefer spending time alone with you.

You can’t attract a man by ticking all the boxes of what a “perfect girl” looks like. In fact, often the signs a shy guy gives off are much easier to read than the guy with more confidence. You can’t go by the normal signs that a guy likes you. Another frustrating thing for women dating a shy guy is having to ‘man up’ and take the lead on dates. Your friends might get frustrated with him because he’s not as outgoing as they are, and they might not understand why you’re dating him in the first place.

I understand that this may be confusing because it’s not at all how you stereotypically would imagine the awkward guy to be behind closed doors. I know a Micheal Cera-type doesn’t strike you as Mr. Casanova, but hear me out. The awkward guys tend to be on the intellectual side. They love to read and nerd out over a good book or documentary. Its really the opposite, the awkward guy knows how to truly appreciate a great girls when he’s found one. And will make sure to show her his appreciation regularly.

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To avoid awkward silence, ask about his interests instead. Either way, relationships with introverts require some understanding of their temperament but can be great once you figure out how to deal with them. You may try ideas such as asking him open-ended questions and encouraging him to answer each without any stress of being judged slowly. You may also make the first move to make him feel comfortable and important. Call him by name, ask for ideas, and be open to suggestions. A little nudge from your side can get the best out of a shy guy.