Individual Water & Wastewater Grants Rural Development

Using too much or too little of your generator’s capacity can damage it. Call us to schedule an appointment with one of our home service and installation experts. Appliance installation, service, repair and inspection work is not subject to PSC regulation. Give us a call, and a Spire team member will be able to help you start your new natural gas service. Your natural gas service with Spire is just a few clicks away. Another thing to consider is how large of a cistern you will need to hold your water.

Debunking stereotypes about mobile homes could make them a new face of affordable housing

You should follow all local guidelines regarding using the right voltage, setting up the distance from the site, and obtaining the right permits. Also, it is within your best interest to have qualified personnel there to install and maintain the temporary power system. Temporary lighting is installed on a job site to ensure maximum light throughout a project–whether you’re working during the day or throughout the evening. In addition to the lights themselves, it is smart to use job site lamp guards to protect them. If you need to illuminate larger areas, light stringers are a huge help. General construction areas require a minimum of 5 foot-candles of illumination.

This is limited to one bath tub, sink, commode, kitchen sink, water heater, and outside spigot. If a landlord commits a violation that breaks any criminal law, they may face criminal consequences. For example, if a landlord knowingly permits illegal activity on the mobile home park premises, such as drug dealing or manufacturing, they may be charged with a crime. There are usually legal regulations or restrictions placed on mobile homes.

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Utility companies may charge a fee for a point-of-service hookup, which costs between $450 and $750. The cost of moving a double-wide trailer ranges from $10,000 to $13,000 on average, including set-up, utility hookup, and getting permits. If you don’t need those additional services, you might only pay between $2,000 and $5,000. If you’re moving to a property that you’ve purchased, check the website for your city and/or county for information on utility providers.


Due to local listing providers’ requirements, accessing property details requires signing up or logging in. Find properties and real estate professionals in the Brunswick County area. You can search for listings, save listings to collections, share listings with others, connect with real estate professionals, and get property data and information.

Standard hook-ups or utilities are usually available at RV parks or existing homes. For instance, if you plan to park your tiny house in someone’s backyard, you should be able to use what the primary house is already using. If available, standard hook-ups are the easiest route to take because it’s what most of us are already used to. Flushing toilets and endless reliable power and water whenever needed has become a given for most. The environmental impact and reliance on others have driven some to look for alternatives. However, if you are looking for the path of least resistance, you’ll want to find a location for your house that offers standard hook-ups.

The water entering your house will need to be under pressure for it to be forced into your home and out of your faucets. In on-grid utilities, this pressure is normally created by elevating the water in water towers and letting gravity do the work. In off-grid setups, the same thing can be achieved by creating your own elevated tanks. Just make sure the tanks are higher than the highest outlet in your house, likely your shower head. If you do not want to build an elevated tank or plan to move frequently enough that that would not be practical, you can create pressure though the use of pumps. The pumps automatically turn on whenever the pressure in the system drops because of a faucet being turned on.

Replacing the 5 most frequently used bulbs in your mobile home with LED lights will increase your mobile home’s energy efficiency by 85 percent. A mobile home is at least 320 square feet and is constructed according to the federal building code. Before you sign anything, meet with the installers and conduct a final walk through of the home.

A convenient and flexible option for non-elevated storage is theRainwater pillow. Home to be built before accumulating the information, time frame, and costs of the utility requirements. The utilities at site must be compatible with the requirements of the home as ordered, and vice versa. Failing to understand the process can not only be disappointing, but can also be expensive to rectify after the fact. The following are some guidelines to follow that could prevent some common mistakes and make the process towards occupancy pleasant—as it should be. There is always the possibility of errors when you’re transferring, canceling or setting up utilities.

The belly board closes in the insulation around your plumbing and keeps everything in place under your home’s flooring system. Including RV pedestal, stabilizer foot with hardware, snap action meter sealing ring, 200 Amps watt-hour meter and water shroud with hardware. Furthermore, instead of bubble wrap or wrapping, you can always use newspaper instead of a cushion.